Pahk Yah Cah In Da Garahj




Okay, so this was a while ago, but in March of 2004, my high school band went on a little trip to Boston, Mass., where we performed for a few people and basically just had fun.  Too bad the weather was terrible and it rained a cold dreary rain almost the entire time we were there.  But here I have snapped a few pics of the downtown Boston area (with a disposable camera).  I took more pictures of the trip, but none worthy of this site.  The top picture is looking at the skyscrapers from the end of Quincy Market (I don't know which direction, sorry Sara).  Enjoy!


We are really close to Logan Int'l airport here on our boat tour of the city. I hate taking tours because I never know what's what.  I like finding it out for myself.  So here's an old fort.  Maybe I'll know what it is when I take my own trip to Boston.
Here is me hugging the Big Dig with my friends lounging on the construction site. Forget the sign, here is a street scene from downtown.
I almost went in this store covertly to buy a map. Some I-93 shields with a MA 1A shield.  Follow 1A to the airport.
Quincy Market!  We ate at the Cheers restaurant.