It's a Grand (Canyon) State!


I only have a few pictures of Arizona right now, but maybe I'll have more in the future.  I took some pictures of the sites in the state (like the Petrified Forest, Meteor Crater, Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon Caverns, and Sedona), but I'm not sure whether to put those pictures on the site just now.  But here are a few road-related snaps from May 2007!  I'll let you guess where the top picture was taken.  Enjoy, homies!


This is in Flagstaff, on US 180.  Notice how "Route 66" is a prominent road here. West of Flagstaff on old Route 66 WB.
Looking south on AZ 64 SB and US 180 EB.  US 180 does indeed start at the Grand Canyon, despite what some maps show. Some shields for you.
I liked how these clouds formed. I-40 EB west of Flagstaff.
Same description as last picture. Skip ahead to SB AZ 89A.  That's a lot of letters and numbers right there.
More of the same. Still southbound on AZ 89A.  Near Oak Creek Canyon.
Looking at AZ 89A from the top of Oak Creek Canyon. Some pretty scenery on AZ 89A, descending into the canyon.
This is a slow-going road.  But for good reason, as there are lots of twists and turns all at a steep grade. Such as this one.
Elevation 6,000 feet and descending. I think you can make up your own caption on this one.
Oooh, pretty! More prettiness on AZ 89A.
This is a pretty busy road, despite the harsh curves and hills. Forests are pretty!
Closer to Sedona now. Cool rock formations.
Finally coming into Sedona. Looking back north on AZ 89A in downtown Sedona.  This is the tourist block of town.
Schnebly.  Schnebly Schnebly Schnebly!!!  AZ 179 connects downtown Sedona with I-17.
And this is what it looks like on the southeast side of Sedona. AZ 179 SB.
My first time on I-17! Even though there are curves and mountains to deal with, the speed limit is still 75 m.p.h.
Mileage to Flagstaff. Look at the big gap between the northbound and southbound lanes!
Just so you can experience a BGS on I-17. Last, and most certainly least, a blurry view of I-17 as it makes an S shape.

That's all for now, folks, but maybe you'll see some scenery pictures here sometime.