The Almost Roadtrip

Some of the pictures from part of a trip


All right.  This trip is complicated.  I drove from St. Augustine to Chicago in May of 2007.  But remember from other pages on this site, my roadtrip compadre Margot and I got stranded in Alabama.  So here are a few pictures that I took on the trip from Somewhere, Alabama, to Chicago.  But they only consist of pictures from around Huntsville, AL, to the Ohio River at the Kentucky/Illinois state line.  So please enjoy them, even though they are small in number.  The picture you see above you is of I-65 NB in extreme northern Alabama.


Welcome to Tennessee, everybody!  I-65 NB. Neat!  This is the 14th picture I took that day.  It's also exit 14.  And also, it is US 64, which runs through.... you guessed it: Muskogee, Oklahoma.
NASCAR driver Sterling Marlin is from Columbia!  Cool! One day to be I-840? 
Well, it was pretty hot out this day, so a cool spring would probably have been nice. We're pretty much in Nashville now.  Nearing I-65 and I-440.
A glimpse of the Nashville skyline as we hook up with I-40. Just so you can see some Nashville traffic.

I guess this can be considered downtown?  It's pretty much as downtown as these interstates get.

West I-40 and North I-65 shields. One last look back at Nashville.
Oh boy!  I-24 is about to come to the rescue! Back in Alabama, we were at the southern terminus of US 431 in Dothan.
I-24 splits left to Clarksville.  The mountains are fading into bluffs.  See, the interstates can cut through them now.
A rather rural-looking I-24 WB. An I-24 shield.  Just because.
Another I-24 shield.  But this time it has some scenery around it.  Not much, but at least some. Ooh, I think this is a pretty picture.  Well, about as pretty as it gets from the windshield of a moving vehicle.
A bad picture, but I'll put it up anyway.  Cadiz is pronounced "K-dizz."  Heh heh. Holy nuggets!  It got really dark really quickly!  There was a pretty nasty storm just ahead that kinda scared me for a few minutes when I drove through it.
Business Loop I-24 is just ahead.  Which means we are near Paducah. And after soaking ourselves in Kentucky, we are about to cross the Ohio River into the great state of Illinois.

Yep, that's it.  I was really thinking hard about where to put these pictures, so I put them in this "Almost Roadtrip" category.  Anyway.