Alabama Adventure

(i.e., how to fix a V-dub in the South)


So it came time to head back to the Land of Lincoln for a visit with my pals from high school.  Of course, I took the way of most resistance.  I headed through the Florida Panhandle through Alabama and up through a couple other states into Illinois.  My roadtrip compadre Margot followed me in her car and I was driving Dad's Mustang.  But car troubles (a VW Beetle that lost a water pump) forced me to stay in Montgomery, Alabama, for a few days.  So I took advantage of the time to grab a few counties and see the great state of Alabama.  The picture you see above you is of the Montgomery skyline as seen from Interstate 65.  Enjoy y'all!  


Welcome to Alabama on US 231 NB from Florida. The road is pretty busy in rural southern Alabama, which I thought was weird.
You'd better know which way you're going because it is hard to read all these signs at once! US 431 forms the eastern bypass of Dothan and US 231 takes the western side.
The Dothan bypass US 431. What US 431 looks like north of Dothan.
AL 134 in Headland. US 231 NB.
At US 82. Still on US 231 North, but south of Montgomery.
AL 271 splits off from US 231 southeast of Montgomery to connect to I-85. Alabama interstates mostly have the state name in them.
I-85 SB, although the actual direction is west here. Six miles west of the southern terminus of I-85.
It's fitting that MLK is honored on the freeway that runs through downtown Montgomery. Just an I-85 scene.
Exit 1 ahead.  Probably the last I-85 SB shield. It doesn't look like the interstate is about to end, but it is.
Signage for the end of I-85. This BGS is not in the best of shape.  You can only see the silhouette, but the "End I-85" shield is just to the right of that sport ute on the right side of the road.
The South I-65 exit has a warning sign for vehicles traveling too fast. I-65 NB just north of I-85.
Montgomery's skyline, if you will. Yeah, that's 50 m.p.h. and they do patrol the road.
North I-65 multiplexes with West US 82. A NB I-65 scene.
This is in "downtown" Verbena.  We dumped the VW at a gas station on exit 200 of I-65, right outside Verbena. An old US 31 shield in Verbena.
NB US 31 north of Verbena. US 31 NB at AL 22.  We turn right here.
AL 22 East. AL 22 in Rockford...
...where it crosses US 231.  And AL 21. Continuing on AL 22 East.
At US 280 near Alexander City. US 280 EB past Alexander City but not quite to Dadeville.
AL 49 South going over Lake Martin. In Tuskegee at US 29 and US 80.

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